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Sitka, AK


Frozen-at-Sea Alaskan Salmon 

Fresh v. Frozen?


Fresh v. Frozen?

dylan lared

One of the greatest psychological obstacles to be overcome within the world of seafood marketing is the notion that a fresh fish is inherently better than a frozen one. I see Whole Foods marking up farmed Atlantic Salmon all the time - a grossly inferior product - simply because it is fresh. The simple fact is that after five days or more on ice we are no longer talking about 'freshness', we are discussing degrees of bacterial decay. A flash-frozen fish is far closer in flavor and quality to one having been just taken from the water than its rather disingenuously named counterpart. 

This article mentions the benefits of flash-frozen at the top of page two: 

Fish at its Freshest

Sometimes, maybe frozen is fresher than fresh.

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