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Sitka, AK


Frozen-at-Sea Alaskan Salmon 

Got My Mojo Workin'


Got My Mojo Workin'

Secrecy is still the name of the game. All I can tell you is that the morning began with two hours at 28 below zero glazing yesterday's catch. The nice thing about having a five-man crew (this is as much a social as an economic venture at the moment, with friends along for the ride) is that there was time for a nap on the back deck during an afternoon lull. We're catching enough to make the trip worth while but not enough to make it really work. There has been time for a little sport fishing in the evening - we've been eating well as a result. we have also gotten in some spectacular whale watching. At the moment we are anchored in the midst of a pod of humbacks; which are a lot of fun to watch but have terrible breath. Proximity has its drawbacks.

And lo I am transformed into a nature writer, better stop before I start trying to publish memiors. It's a good time to be in Southeast Alaska, I will say that much. Just wanted to give you a little perspective on where your fish might be coming from.