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Sitka, AK


Frozen-at-Sea Alaskan Salmon 




Or should I say rather building bonfires and watching movies and eating ice cream and searching for washed up treasures. No but really, work is being done, but it is all a very leisurely business. June fishing. Things really begin to happen in July, when King salmon opens and everyone is out to make a buck. For now we are gentlemen.

That said I am apparently being woken at four tomorrow morning to jump down into the freezer and glaze again. I'll take it as a tribute to my talents (I think rather that no one else cares to do it).

We have extra hands on board this trip. One, a very experienced fisherman - let's call him Ken (his name is actually Ken)- and I were on the back deck playing with hooks and pretending to fish and got to talking about my time at St. John's. Some tangent led us to the perhaps-apocryphal story of Archimedes and the crown. I got into the telling, at the end of which Ken turns laughing to Gregg and says, "This guy can really bulls*$!, you should have him work with me all the time."

Ah, what a thing it is to be appreciated.

I'm probably giving you all the picture that we don't work at all; maybe that if you order from us we shall never deliver and you will be rushing last minute to Albertsons/Sams Club/711-24hr-delicatessen for a shrimp melt to satisfy your seafood cravings. Never fear, o ye of little faith! Come King season we shall be working around the clock to bring you the finest salmon you've yet to eat. Believe you me. As of yet we are checking all systems are a go, and trying to see how many lingcod we can rustle up.

Not many. Not many at all.