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Sitka, AK


Frozen-at-Sea Alaskan Salmon 

Our Fish

King Salmon

King Salmon Face

Also known as Chinook or Spring Salmon, not to be confused with King Solomon, though to look this magnificent, somber being in the eye one cannot help but be reminded of something Ecclesiastical. The largest, fattiest, and least abundant of the Pacific Salmon species, this fish is highly sought after by chefs, sport fisherman, and home cooks alike for its marketable size, delicate flavor, and rich omega-3's.  As Alaska's state fish it is a fitting symbol of a place as expansive, elusive, and wild as the king salmon itself. The King remains an important thread in the fabric of this place, its traditions, people, and story.

In pursuit of this prized fish, during limited openings that come only once or twice a season, we labor over baiting each hook with salted herring to entice His Elusive Majesty.  Only sold as a whole fish, we'll post when we have these beauties in stock.


Coho Salmon

IMG_0188 (1).JPG

Otherwise known as Silver Salmon, these guys are the bread and butter of salmon trolling boats in Southeast Alaska. This species is known for its feisty character and delicate orange flesh. Coho spawn in the rivers and streams of our beloved Tongass National Forest, the world's largest remaining temperate rain forest spanning 17 million acres. Their massive migration up stream during the spring and summer feeds the old growth trees in the forest in such a marked way that biologists can track historical salmon populations by looking at growth rings in downed conifers.  

Coho make up the bulk of our catch every year and are the offering for our filleted buyers club salmon shares. We are eternally in awe of their zest for life and forever grateful for the way thier lives sustain ours. 


Rockfish fillets

When we are out fishing for Coho and King the lines sometimes come up with our spikey friend the Yelloweye Rockfish. Often labeled as Red Snapper by the generic fish market, this fish is neither red nor snapper but rather ranges from yellow to orange in color based on its age and enjoys spending its time among rocks on the ocean floor. Because trolling is able to target specific species, we don't often have a surplus of Rockfish that come up as bycatch but if Gregg is every feeling jazzed about going for a Rockfish specific run or we hit an odd patch of Yelloweye who think they are coho, they are a favorite for making fish tacos, or a bomb whitefish curry.