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Sitka, AK


Frozen-at-Sea Alaskan Salmon 


St. John's Grad Gives Santa Fe a direct source for alaskan salmon

By Tantri Wija for the New Mexican on March 10, 2015

If you’re a foodie, you probably know where your rutabagas come from. Also your carrots, your goat cheese, and you may have been out to Talus Wind Ranch to look at the lambs. But if you’re a fan of salmon, and you should be, you probably have no idea who caught it or how they caught it, because the open ocean is too far to get to on a weekend.

But though you live in the desert, it’s still possible to know where your fish comes from... continue to full article

By Eve Andrews on 1 Oct 2014

Dylan Hitchcock-Lopez was raised “on a fishing boat” in Sitka, Alaska, but ended up leaving to study philosophy at St. John’s College in Santa Fe. Now that he’s returned to his hometown to help out as a broker for his family’s fishing business, which plays a part in Alaska’s $4.6 billion commercial fishing industry, the connection between these two seemingly incompatible spheres of his life has become clearer to him... more

Community Supported Fishery:  Connecting Colorado and Alaska

Posted: November 27, 2014 at 7:31 am by KGNU, in Breaking NewsFeaturedMorning Magazine

Dylan Hitchcock-Lopez grew up in Alaska working on his stepfather’s fishing boat. His mother and sister now live in Colorado and he is connecting the two states by creating a Community Supported Fishery initiative. On the same model as Community Supported Agriculture, Hitchcock-Lopez hopes to connect people in Colorado and New Mexico with his family’s fishing boat in South-East Alaska by offering the option to buy a share of their catch every season. Hitchcock-Lopez says the idea was born when he saw that people in Colorado and New Mexico “crave a connection to their food and are willing to work to build communities of the like-minded around it.”  - listen to full interview here