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Sitka, AK


Frozen-at-Sea Alaskan Salmon 

Salmon Clubs


Salmon Clubs

Seashaken Salmon Clubs enable us to ship our line caught Coho to an Alaska Airline Cargo Airport near you! 

If you would like to start a new Salmon Club in your area and get free fish, click here to fill out the form.  We will then add your name to the host list for your people to find and will be in touch with details and shipping date options.

Want to purchase a Salmon Share with an already existing club? Scroll down, enter the amount of salmon shares you would like to order and look for your "club host".  If you don't see your club host on the list please shoot us an email here so we can work it out.  


10 Lb Share Of coho Salmon Fillets

Coho is the mainstay of the trolling fleet in Southeast Alaska, sustaining us economically and calorically for generations, and now sustaining you through our Salmon Club Shares. Coho, known for its feisty character, red-orange flesh, and firm texture, is considered the best salmon for grilling. It’s also delicious poached, pattied, pizzaed, sauted , smoked, sandwiched, sushied, souped, saladed, raw, roasted, or rouxed.   Each fish is brought on board with hook and line, headed and gutted on deck, and blast frozen within half an hour ensuring the best quality, care, and flavor. 

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Whole H&G Coho Salmon

This is a WHOLE headed and gutted Frozen-at-Sea Coho Salmon, This is the way it comes right off our boat with no extra processing. If you are looking for an impressive holiday center piece, or have ambitions of honing your own filleting skills, this is the fish for you. Check out our How To page to learn all about what to do with a whole salmon. It’s easier than you might think. 

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